A FANTASTIC WOMAN (Una Mujer Fantástica)


Film | USA, Chile, Germany, Spain | 2017 | Spanish

Imagine you are a woman. A woman in great shock and grief for the loss of a loved one. Grief is a challenge, right? Now imagine you identify as a woman. But the hospital staff where your beloved dies, the police and your beloved’s family don’t respect your identity. In fact, they are so caught up in putting you into a category, naming what you are or what you are not, that they fail to treat you with basic human respect and decency. Fail to show sensitivity to the fact that you have lost your love. And to the fact that you are grieving. The hospital staff offer you suspicion rather than condolences. The police, in the name of protection, come with the idea that because you are transgender your story is singular, with only one possibility. One which couldn’t possibly include love. You are treated not as a fellow human, but as a something else. You are assaulted verbally and physically. At first, you take the blows. You stand before people who are taking out their hurt, pain and ignorance on you. You, on the other hand, channel your anger into a punching bag. You sing out your pain. And even as the behaviour of those around you becomes increasingly dispicable towards revolting, you hold your grace. Your honesty and decency exposes the vile behaviour of others. And you stand strong. The wind blows fiercely, but you stand your ground. You are not even given opportunity for goodbye to your beloved. But you persevere and pursue the closure that you are entitled to. You claim it.

That is where this film took me.

Author: roundlyintheeye

A roamer, a learner, a teacher, a flautist, a dancer, a singer, a reader, an art lover, a dreamer, happy to share my writings with you

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